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FY 2009/2010 Research Topic: 4-09
Family Business of the 21st Century: The Case of Mexico


A family business, a firm or a group of firms that is controlled by an owner family, is the predominant form of business entity in developing countries. It is no exception also in the case of diversified large business groups that unfold business activities on a global scale. How do family businesses survive and grow under the conditions of intense global competition? In order to look for reasons, this research analyzes changes of family businesses observed in principal aspects of their business such as the business strategy, the organization, the ownership structure and the management, considering that changes in the peculiarity of these aspects are decisive in their survival and/or growth. Large family businesses of Mexico, which experienced frequent rises and falls in the past two decade, are taken as case studies. Capabilities to adapt to the environment and to innovate are stressed in the research. By analyzing how large Mexican family businesses adapt and innovate, leading to survival and growth, this research topic will present peculiar features of family businesses of the 21st century.


2009/4 - 2010/2


Members of the Research Project


Final outcome will be published in I.D.E. Research Sereas in 2009 (Japanese)