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FY 2009/2010 Research Topic: 4-06
Local African Firms in the New Era of Globalization


The business environment in Africa has drastically changed since 2000. Particularly before the financial crisis in 2008, African firms received favorable impacts of an upsurge of commodity prices, preferential access to OECD markets, increase of foreign direct investment in manufacturing and service sectors, and continued improvement of the investment climate. On the other hand, the development community has positively positioned industrialization in poor countries recently as a strategy for poverty reduction and sustained economic growth.

In light of augmented concern on industrialization in poor countries, this project attempts to understand whether those favorable changes and the financial crisis have led to improvement of the structural problems that hinder the growth of African firms. Through that work, how the potential of the African private sector to lead to economic growth will be examined.


2009/4 - 2011/3


Members of the Research Project

MUTO Megumi, Research Fellow, JICA Research Institute, Japan International Cooperation Agency
NISHIURA Akio, Professor, Soka University