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Research Projects

FY 2009/2010 Research Topic: 4-02
Competitiveness and Constraints of Private Companies in the Middle East


Since the beginning of the 1990s, some Middle Eastern countries have implemented effective economic reforms to promote the private sector as the main engine of economic growth. As a result, the share of private entities in some economies has increased gradually in recent years. However, the private companies seem to face various obstacles due to immature market conditions.

In this context, this research is to analyze the attainment and constraints of private companies in some reform-minded Middle Eastern economies. We first review the transition of development policies in the countries we focus on, and then study the current state of the private companies empirically. Based on these research works, we attempt to clarify the peculiarities of private entities in some Middle East economies.


2008/4 - 2010/2


Members of the Research Project

IWASAKI Erina (Lecturer, Kyoritsu Women’s University)
KASHIWAGI Kenichi (Researcher, University of Tsukuba)
NAGAOKA Shunsuke (JSPS Research Fellow, Kyoto University)


1st year: Interim Report (TSUCHIYA ed. Competitiveness and Constraints of Private Companies in the Middle East, March 2009, in Japanese)
2nd year (2010): I.D.E. Research Series (Final Report, in Japanese)