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FY 2009/2010 Research Topic: 3-02
The Indonesian Elections of 2009 and the New Government


Indonesia will conduct general elections in 2009. The national parliamentary elections on April 9 will be followed by the first round of presidential elections on July 8 and, if there is no majority winner, the second round of presidential elections on September 8. The series of general elections in 2009 is significant for the future of Indonesian democracy since the 2009 elections are held in a politically stable environment after the euphoria of reformasi disappeared. The presidential elections of 2009 will also attract large attention. The issue is whether the people continue to support the first-ever directly elected president of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

This research project empirically analyzes these general elections and political processes in which both political parties and presidential candidates strive to gain votes and to achieve presidential office. We will also discuss a feature of the new administration to be formed in October. Through a comprehensive analysis of elections and politics in 2009, we will show where Indonesia is heading and what issues face the next president.


2009/4 - 2009/12


HONNA Jun (Professor, College of International Relations, Ritsumeikan University)

Members of the Research Project

HONNA Jun (Professor, College of International Relations, Ritsumeikan University)
AIZAWA Nobuhiro
OKAMOTO Masaaki (Associate Professor, Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University)
MIICHI Ken (Lecturer, Faculty of Policy Studies, Iwate Prefectural University)
MORISHITA Akiko (JSPS Research Fellow, Graduate School of Asian and African Studies, Kyoto University)


The final results will be published as a Current Affairs Report (in Japanese).