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FY 2009/2010 Research Topic: 3-01
Responses of major rice exporting countries to the global food crisis: Cases of Thailand, Vietnam, and India


During the so-called “world food crisis” in 2008, the international price of rice increased threefold and some importing countries faced politically insecurity among urban consumers. This crisis was partly attributed to the export ban of some major exporting countries. Indeed, more than fifty percent of rice in the international market comes from three countries, Thailand, India, and Vietnam. The performance of rice exports in these countries undeniably affects the stability of the international market. In this study, we will compare the institutions and policies related to production, consumption, and export in these three countries, and try to respond to the political debates regarding the causes and remedies of the "world food crisis."


2009/4 - 2009/7



Members of the Research Project

KUBO Kensuke
TSUKADA Kazunari


Josei bunseki report (October, 2009: in Japanese)