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Research Activities

Research Projects

FY 2009/2010 Research Topic: 1-10
Current Situations of Disabled People and Governments Policies in Southern Asian Countries: From a viewpoint of ‘Disability and Development’


In South Asian countries including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal there have been several assistance programs for people with disabilities such as small grant and community development by the World Bank and other international donors. Some Euro-American researchers are also interested in their situation and wrote academic articles about their situations. However, the project experiences have not been studied properly by academic specialists from the newly emerging viewpoint of 'Disability and Development' and shared sufficiently as intellectual accumulation to capture the remaining problems and necessary action agendas.

We will collect the previous research works on people with disabilities in these countries and their government policies for people with disabilities and their organizations (DPOs) formation history and activities. In the second year, we will analyze the data from the viewpoint of social science in depth and research DPOs’ histories, as well as the policy effects of general Poverty Alleviation Policies on them. Some researchers claim the trickle-down benefits of general development would be sufficient to alleviate the plight of poor people with disabilities in developing countries. We should look into the hypothesis through our research. The findings will help us to figure out the action agendas for Disability Inclusive Millennium Development Goals in South Asian countries.


2009/4 - 2011/3


Members of the Research Project

YAMAGATA Tatsufumi
INOUE Kyoko (Professor, Faculty of International Relations, Daito Bunka University)
OKUHIRA Masako (Manager, International Training Section, Planning and Training Division, Japanese Society for Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities)


The interim report will be published in March 2010 (in Japanese). The final results will be published from IDE in Monthly Journal of IDE in 2011.

Information of the Research Project

The coordinator of the research project, Soya MORI, owns a Japanese written mailing list of ‘Disability and Development’. If you are interested in the topics and the mailing list, please feel free to write directory write to him. Your suggestions are always welcomed.