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FY 2009/2010 Research Topic: 1-04
India’s Contemporary International Relation: The Way to Major Power


The role of India in international politics has been increasing, which has attracted the attention of many countries in recent years. India’s importance has been increasingly recognized through various events, such as her rapid economic growth, conducting of a nuclear explosion test, or progress of nuclear cooperation with the United States. In view of her desire to embark on the road to major power, the purpose of this study group is set as follows. First, it will clarify the factors that have been increasing the influence of India in international politics. Secondly, it will clarify what position India occupies in the international order to which India has been and will be increasingly committing herself. In order to answer these points, it is necessary to examine India’s relationship with major powers such as United States, Russia, and China, as well as unstable neighboring countries such as Pakistan. In addition, the relationship with African countries etc., for example, might also be studied in order to consider as to what extent India can be influential in this interdependent world. Thirdly, linkage between India’s behavior in international politics and her domestic politics should be examined because the barrier that separates domestic politics and international politics is becoming lower in the progress of globalization.

This research project is expected to clarify India’s emergence as a major international power.


2009/4 - 2011/3


Members of the Research Project

HORIMOTO Takenori (Professor, Department of Policy Management, Faculty of Policy Management, Shobi University)
SATO Hiroshi (Researcher)
IZUYAMA (YOSHIOKA) Mari (Chief, 6th Research Office, Research Department, The National Institute for Defense Studies)
ITO Toru (Assistant Professor, Department of International Relations, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, National Defense Academy of Japan)
NAKATSU Masaaki (Research Assistant, Graduate School of Law, Senshu University)


The interim report is to be published in March 2010 (in Japanese). The final results will be published from IDE in I.D.E. Research Series (in Japanese, series title to be confirmed) in 2011.