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Research Activities

Research Projects

FY 2009/2010 Research Topic: 1-02
Comparative Study on Industrial Development Process in China and India


Through the research project, we aim to explore the characteristics of the industrial development process in China and India in the contemporary globalizing world by comparing the mode of growth of indigenous firms and industrial networks. The project is unique in the following three points; namely; (1) we compare the two countries with the East Asian Model, which is induced from the successful experiences of East Asian countries such as Japan, Korea and Taiwan in the last century, (2) each researcher who participates in the project conducts comparative studies on the specific industry of their interest, including, textiles, automobiles/motorcycles, software, electronics appliances, based on first-hand field surveys. Our research emphasis will be placed on exploring the distinct process of capability formation of indigenous firms in the both countries, including the skill development of human resources, capability formation in production and development activities, and various external factors that promote firms’ capability formation (local governments, educational infrastructure, interfirm cooperative networks etc.)


2008/4 - 2010/3


OHARA Moriki

Members of the Research Project

OHARA Moriki
KIMURA Koichiro
MARUKAWA Tomoo (University of Tokyo)
OKADA Aya (Nagoya University)
KAJITANI Kai (Kobe Gakuin University)

HINATA Hiromi (JETRO-Dalian)


First year: Interim Report on Research Project; Moriki Ohara and Koichiro Kimura ed., Comparative Study on Industrial Development Process in China and India
Second year: IDE Development Perspective Series