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Research Activities

Research Projects

FY 2008/2009

In FY 2008/2009 the following research activities are conducted.

Southeast Asia

Research TopicOrganizer
The formation of industrial clusters in Asia and regional integration(1-11) KUCHIKI Akifumi
Development Strategies for Lowest-Income Countries(1-16) YAMAGATA Tatsufumi
Compilation and Use of the 2005 Asian International Input-Output Table (II)(2-03) KUWAMORI Hiroshi
Communitarianism in Thailand: Its formation, development, and institutionalization.(4-01) SHIGETOMI Shinichi
Globalizing Islamic Banking and Situation in Each Country(4-07) FUKUDA Sadashi
Changing management strategies of Vietnam’s economic entities(4-09) SAKATA Shozo
Parties under Political Change in Developing Countries: Cross-areal study(4-12) SATO Akira
Political Economy of Oil Industry in Developing Countries(4-13) SAKAGUCHI Aki
Developing Countries and Fiscal Administration Issues(4-17) KASHIWABARA Chie
Macroeconomics of Later ASEAN (Cambodia)(4-18) UEMURA Jinichi
The Central-Local Relationship in Thailand: Analysis of
the Thai Local Administrative Organizations
Birth of the Capital Goods Market and Foreign Direct Investment to Russia and Vietnam(4-23) MIZUNO Junko
ASEAN Consensus-building towards Vietnamese Invasion into Cambodia(4-24) SUZUKI Sanae
Decentralization and Development(4-26) UCHIMURA Hiroko