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Research Activities

Research Projects

FY 2008/2009

In FY 2008/2009 the following research activities are conducted.

East Asia

Research TopicOrganizer
China at the crossroads: Dynamics of Economic Growth and Policy Decision-making(1-01) IMAI Kenichi
Structural Reform of Rural Economy and Change of Agricultural System through Agro-industrialization Policy in Rural China(1-02) IKEGAMI Akihide
Comparative Study on Industrial Development Process in China and India(1-04) OHARA Moriki
Economic Integration and Vertical Specialization in East Asia(1-07) HIRATSUKA Daisuke
Upgrading of East Asian Manufacturers in the Global Value Chains(1-08) KAWAKAMI Momoko
Economics of East Asian Economic Integration(1-09) NISHIKIMI Koji
A Study on Mekong Region: New Development of Economic Corridors(1-10) ISHIDA Masami
The formation of industrial clusters in Asia and regional integration(1-11) KUCHIKI Akifumi
Life Security System for the Elderly in the Emerging Countries(1-14) USAMI Koichi
Compilation and Use of the BRICs International Input-Output Table(2-02) INOMATA Satoshi
Compilation and Use of the 2005 Asian International Input-Output Table (II)(2-03) KUWAMORI Hiroshi
Korea’s FTAs and their Effects on her Major Trade Partners(4-03) OKUDA Satoru
A Study on China’s Industrial Clusters and the Specialized Markets(4-04) DING Ke
Political Economy of Oil Industry in Developing Countries(4-13) SAKAGUCHI Aki
Global Capital flow and East Asian Emerging Market Countries(4-15) KUNIMUNE Kozo
Developing Countries and Fiscal Administration Issues(4-17) KASHIWABARA Chie
Comprehensive Study on Taiwan Ⅱ: Taiwan’s Politics after Democratization(4-20) WAKABAYASHI Masahiro
Engineers as Engines of Industrial Development(4-27) SATO Yukihito
Building Basin Governance for Water Pollution Control in China:
A Social Experiment of Community Roundtable Meeting in Lake Tai Basin