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FY 2008/2009 Research Topic: 4-24
ASEAN Consensus-building towards Vietnamese Invasion into Cambodia


The purpose of this research is to analyze how ASEAN countries have built consensus on Vietnamese invasion into and occupation over Cambodia in the 1980s. ASEAN countries had different interests on how ASEAN should respond to the Vietnamese acts, although they recognized necessity to have ASEAN policy on this matter.

When ASEAN was set up in 1967, it was not declared that ASEAN is a political organization. Rather, ASEAN was established to pursue social, cultural and economic cooperation among its members. However, it is obvious that ASEAN members assumed a political role of ASEAN to mitigate conflicts in particular among its members and maintain regional order in Southeast Asia.

Political cooperation on the Cambodian conflict is one of the major topics through history of ASEAN political cooperation. Analyzing consensus-building on the Cambodian conflict gives an important clue to explain the way of political cooperation in ASEAN.


April 2008´╝ŹFebruary 2009


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