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FY 2008/2009 Research Topic: 4-04
A Study on China’s Industrial Clusters and the Specialized Markets


Many of important industrial clusters in China have unique marketplaces referred to as Specialized Markets. In developed countries, the marketplaces usually disappeared during the early years of the industrial revolution. In developing countries, most of them tended to be a large informal sector. The industrial clusters in China, however, are paradoxically upgraded and expanded with the development of the specialized markets. This project will investigate China’s unique industrial organization by focusing on the functions and the structures of the specialized markets. We attempt to elucidate the implication of the specialized market for the cluster study and the development study.


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Main subjects of our fieldwork
Yiwu China Commodity City(
China Changshu Apparel City(
China Hardware City(
Danyang Optical Market(
China Light Industrial (Yuyao) Moulds City(