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FY 2008/2009 Research Topic: 4-03
Korea’s FTAs and their Effects on her Major Trade Partners


To catch up the world-wide FTA competition, Korea changed its FTA policy in 2003 to further extend its own FTA network based on the “2003 FTA roadmap.” The most striking accomplishment of the policy change was the conclusion of the Korea-US FTA in 2007 that surprised neighboring competitors like Japan and China. In the first half of 2008, it is foreseen, FTA with EU will be concluded, and by the 3rd quarter that with India and by the 4th quarter that with Canada will also be concluded. This study aims to review economic and political impacts of Korea’s expanding FTAs not only on Korea itself and the its FTA partners, but also those on third parties, notably Japan. For that purpose, first, we will briefly overview Korea’s FTA policy since late 1990s and its accomplishments. Second, we will survey major prior studies for the possible impacts of Korea’s FTAs (existing, under negotiation, preparatory studies) on Korea and the FTA partners. Third, we will estimate economic impacts of each FTA on third parties. We will also try to induce political implication of Korea’s FTAs on third parties.


OKUDA Satoru

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OKUDA Satoru


I.D.E. Study Series (Japanese) in FY2009