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FY 2008/2009 Research Topic: 4-01
Communitarianism in Thailand: Its formation, development, and institutionalization.


In Thailand, a sort of communitarianism emerged in the development discourse in the early 1980s. The communitarianism here means a thought which puts strong emphasis on cooperative relationships among people rather than competitive and hierarchical ones. The original idea was developed among NGO activists who worked in rural development field. However, not late, the thought expanded its implication to cover macro-level issues of society, politics, and governance. As a result, this thought is accepted as a “taken-for-granted” ideal in the present Thai society. People may be able to legitimize their idea by referring the communitarian ideal; it means the thought itself has some power in the public sphere. This study will identify the process and mechanism which have made the thought among the small circle of development practitioners become a “taken-for-granted” ideal in the present Thai society and her political arena.



Members of the Research Project



Ajia Keizai