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FY 2008/2009 Research Topic: 2-03
Compilation and Use of the 2005 Asian International Input-Output Table (II)


The recent large-scale opening of markets in Asian countries (e.g. China’s entry into the WTO in 2001) has promoted the relocation of production bases of multinational firms through an expansion of the mobility of labor, goods and services. In addition, due to the emergence of new market economies such as the BRICs, the production networks in the Asia-Pacific region have become increasingly complex.
This study aims to compile an Asian international input-output table for the year 2005 in order to capture the above structural changes occurring in the Asia-Pacific region. In the study, we will also attempt to develop analytical methods as well as estimation methodologies for the tables.


Members of the Research Project


  • March 2009: Kuwamori, H. and Y. Uchida eds., Compilation and Use of the 2005 Asian International Input-Output Table (Asian International Input-Output Series)

Information of the Research Project

The recent publications related to the project are as follows:

(Statistical Data)
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