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FY 2008/2009 Research Topic: 1-08
Upgrading of East Asian Manufacturers in the Global Value Chains


Since the declaration of its start in the early 2000s, the global value chain perspective (GVC perspective) has attracted serious attention from students of globalization. Inspired by the rich potential of theoretical expansion and empirical application of GVC studies, this research project attempts to examine the inter-firm dynamics within GVCs, with a special focus on the learning process of local suppliers. More specifically, we explore the factors underlying the growth or stagnation of local firms that are integrated functionally into the cross-border value chains. The main focuses of our case studies will include the critical importance of the roles of entrepreneurs, the formation of capabilities of local manufacturers, the learning incentives and learning strategies of local manufacturers, and factors that hinder linkage formation. Our case studies will cover manufacturing sectors in China, Taiwan, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia and Kenya.


Members of the Research Project