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Research Activities

Research Projects

FY 2007/2008

In FY 2007/2008 the following research activities are conducted.

East Asia

Research TopicOrganizer
Chinese Enterprises: The Quest for Industrial Upgrading amid Transition(1-01) IMAI Kenichi
Challenge to Political Stabilization in China: Risk Factors and Political System
SASAKI Norihiro
Structural Reform of the Rural Economy and Change of the Agricultural System through Agro-industrialization Policy in Rural China(1-03) IKEGAMI Akihide
Sustainable Growth of the Chinese Economy: Overcoming Resource and Environmental Constraints (1-04) HORII Nobuhiro
Economic Integration and Vertical Specialization in East Asia
Economics of East Asian Economic Integration(1-10) NISHIKIMI Koji
First Decade of Hong Kong Politics after the Handover
KORUS (Korea-US) FTA: Recent Developments in Korea’s FTA Policy
OKUDA Satoru
Competitiveness of Korea’s Major Industries: How They Adjust to Ever-changing Environment in the 21st Century(4-02) OKUDA Satoru
The Labor Inspection System in China: Its Role in the Labor Dispute Settlement Framework(4-19) KOBAYASHI Masayuki
A Study on the Mekong Region: Focusing on Border Economies
Comprehensive Study on Taiwan I: Growth and Transformation of Taiwan’s Firms and Industries(4-25) SATO Yukihito
Organizational Restructuring under Market Transition in Post-Reform Rural China: A Study on the Role of Intermediate Organizations(4-28) YAMADA Nanae
Comprehensive Study on Taiwan II: Taiwan’s Politics after Democratization(4-34) WAKABAYASHI Masahiro
The Pharmaceutical industry in China: Impact of Medical System Reform on Corporate Strategy and Innovation Capability