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FY 2007/2008 Research Topic: 6-01
Regional Development Policies after the Direct Election of Local Heads of Government in Indonesia


This study aims to analyze the impact of the direct election of local heads of government, which started from 2005, on the formulation and implementation of regional development policies in Indonesia. In particular, we will focus on East Indonesia, the area given highest priority by the government of Indonesia, to determine implications for the regional development policy of East Indonesia.

We set up a study group, including seven scholars recommended by rectors of five national universities in East Indonesia, on this theme. The first meeting was held in November 2006, and the members will prepare their own final papers based on case studies covering issues such as fiscal decentralization and local government finance, peace building and regional development policy, special autonomy in Papua, and regional development policies of newly established local governments.

Following our discussion, we have adopted three assumptions on the current regional development policy. First, the impact of the direct election of local heads of government, following the American model, might go beyond the introduction of decentralization. Second, democratization policies may have some negative impacts on the native democratic system of local origin. And third, local governments may become more centralistic or act like small kingdoms because the decentralization drive from local governments to villages/communities has stagnated.


November 2006 - September 2007


MATSUI Kazuhisa ´╝łOverseas Senior Research Fellow in Makassar´╝ë

Members of the Research Project

MATSUI Kazuhisa (Overseas Senior Research Fellow in Makassar)
Abdul Madjid SALLATU (Senior Lecturer, Hasanuddin University)
Andi LOLO (Senior Lecturer, Hasanuddin University)
Lucky SONDAKH (Rector, Sam Ratulangi University)
Joyce LAPIAN (Lecturer, Sam Ratulangi University)
Fenty PULUHULUWA (Lecturer, Gorontalo National University)
Tonny D. PARIELA (Lecturer, Pattimura University)
Mohammad MUSA'AD (Lecturer, Cenderawasih University)