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Research Activities

Research Projects

FY 2007/2008 Research Topic: 4-37
Birth of the Capital Goods Market and Foreign Direct Investment to Russia and Vietnam


This project investigates the demand effect of foreign direct investment in Russia and Vietnam. Based on the assumption that foreign direct investment, mainly in the automotive industry, produces demand for capital goods (machine tools in particular), we will investigate the scale and contents of the demand. If this supposition is right, we will investigate whether Russia and Vietnam can supply this demand at home. Also in this case, we will examine how they will recruit technologies and engineers.

In the first year, we will investigate Russia. Russia had nationalized machine tools in the past. We will examine whether or not the former national enterprises can step forward to become capital goods supplier in order to fill the demand of foreign capital companies. Furthermore, if the former national enterprises introduce technologies from foreign firms, we will investigate how the technologies are chosen. Furthermore, we will analyze the important factors in the determination of those choices.



Members of the Research Project

ITO Yoshimi (Professor, Kanagawa Institute of Technology)
HACHIGA Soichi (Secretary General, Japan Machine Tool Builders' Association)
YAHATA Shigemi (Professor, Faculty of Lifelong Education and Career Studies, Hosei University)
SHIMIZU Shinji (Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering Faculty of Science and Technology Sophia University)
SAKAGUCHI Izumi (Vice Head, Japan Association for Trade with Russia and NIS)