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Research Projects

FY 2007/2008 Research Topic: 4-35
The Central-Local Relationship in Thailand: Analysis of the Thai Local Administration Organizations


Since the 1990s, as part of the democratization process, Thailand has established a more decentralized local administration system. The Central-Local relationship in Thailand underwent a massive change, especially after the introduction of direct elections for the mayors/presidents of Local Administration Organizations throughout the country.

However, the decentralization process in Thailand is still characterized as “guided-decentralization,” with local government organizations being under the supervision of the central government. In fact, the autonomy and efficiency of local administration organizations are still in question.

In this context, our research project focuses on the changing Central-Local relationship in Thailand and its realities, utilizing survey data on the work of local administration organizations as well as some supplementary qualitative data. We then explore the questions of local autonomy, relations with local residents, and relationship with central authorities, from both a quantitative analysis and qualitative data.


April 2007 - March 2009


Members of the Research Project

NAGAI Fumio(Associate Professor, Osaka City University)
KAGOYA Kazuhiro (Associate Professor, Kanto Gakuin University)