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FY 2007/2008 Research Topic: 4-32
Economic Reforms in Egypt: Retrospectives and Perspectives


Egyptian governments have implemented economic reforms since 1970s. However, wholehearted reforms were prevented by structural rigidities, external disequilibrium, the unwillingness of the governments, and external shocks.

At present, under a program launched in July 2004, the Nazif Governments has been implementing a policy to facilitate private sector-led sustainable growth through the reorganization of governmental organs and the utilization of a new generation of business people and economists. At the same time, the government is paying special attention to poverty reduction and the improvement of the living standards of lower income people.

Further, a new social contract is being designed by the ruling National Democratic Party, because the growth and poverty reduction have not been achieved despite the efforts of consecutive governments.

In this study, we will analyze the efforts for economic reform made by the various governments, retrospectively and prospectively, from the points of view of growth and poverty reduction, by identifying the structural social and economic problems behind the reforms.


YAMADA Toshikazu

Members of the Research Project

YAMADA Toshikazu