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FY 2007/2008 Research Topic: 4-29
Regional Integration in East Asia and Australia’s Foreign Economic Policy towards ASEAN


Studies on regional integration in East Asia so far have tended to concentrate on examining the economic effects of bilateral, sub-regional or regional free trade agreements. As a result, there are few studies on how the regional integration process in East Asia has affected extra-regional states politically and economically, and what policy behaviour the integration process will induce from such states.

This research project attempts to fill this gap in the literature by analysing the attempts of Australia, an extra-regional state, to engage with East Asian economies and to participate in the regional integration process. It focuses especially on Australia’s foreign economic policy towards ASEAN and changes in Australia–ASEAN relations. It also tries to identify the seeds of an inclusive integration process in East Asia and explain the incentives for it.


OKAMOTO Jiro (Interdisciplinary Studies Center)

Members of the Research Project

OKAMOTO Jiro (Interdisciplinary Studies Center)