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FY 2007/2008 Research Topic: 4-08
Shop-lease Contracts and Islamic Law in Iran


This project focuses on Iran’s legal system of shop-lease contracts, with the aim to examine how the social economic system was affected by legal reforms after the Islamic Revolution.

Shop-lease contracts with Sar-qofli, which pervade present Iran’s commercial centers, have been investigated by Iwasaki, mainly regarding practices and related legal changes which took place several decades before the Islamic Revolution. Impressive observations were made on the historical development and the characteristics of real estate lease contracts in Iran in the process of investigation.

Regulations concerning shop-lease contracts with Sar-qofl depend mainly on “the Lessors and Lease-holders’ Relation Law” (Qnn-e Ravbet-e Mjer o Most’jer), which was first established in 1960 with subsequent amendments. The law, originally based on the Western legal system, was revised in 1997 with major alterations, under the effect of the revolutionary tendency toward the Islamization of law.

The project will analyze the practical influence of legal amendments on the shop-lease contract and discuss possible institutional changes in the future, focusing on related legal arguments after the Revolution.


April 2007 - March 2008


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