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FY 2007/2008 Research Topic: 4-07
The Status of the Poor in the Developing Fishery Sector in Myanmar


Myanmar’s fishery sector has developed quite remarkably in recent years. In response to the increasing demand for fishery products both in the domestic and international market, the country has witnessed the aggressive entry of domestic capital into processing and exporting. In addition to this, the capture fishery sector has also started to boom. The objective of this study is to examine how far the benefits of the recent development of fisheries have reached the poor in fishing villages in Myanmar.

In this study, the poor in fishing villages refers those without boats and employed as crew or those who only own non-motorized gears. By analyzing employment opportunities, income levels and various contract relations faced by the poor, this study attempts to elucidate the economic impact of fishery development on these poor people as well as the changes in the village class structure.


April 2007 - March 2008



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