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FY 2007/2008 Research Topic: 3-02
KORUS (Korea-US) FTA: Recent Developments in Korea’s FTA Policy


This study will examine the effects of the KORUS (Korea-US) FTA on South Korea. In recent years, South Korea has actively worked to conclude bilateral FTAs with various countries in order to form its own free trade network outside of the worldwide framework of the WTO. The KORUS FTA, which was concluded in April 2007, symbolizes Korea’s enthusiasm for creating an FTA network. In the process of the negotiations, strong opposition emerged, fueled by the anti-American sentiment that persistently prevails in a part of South Korean society. However, positive views toward the KORUS FTA have arisen after the successful conclusion of the official negotiation. The KORUS FTA will have an effect not only on the Korean economy and diplomacy, but also on domestic politics in anticipation of the presidential election in December 2007.

The outline of the Research is as follows:
・ South Korea’s FTAs in the past and their contents
・ South Korea’s current FTA policy: “Simultaneous” FTA scheme and on-going FTA negotiations
・ KORUS FTA: disputes, negotiation results, impacts on South Korea, domestic support for the negotiation and domestic coordination of interests
・ KORUS FTA and South Korea’s 2007 presidential election
・ Summary and prospects


OKUDA Satoru

Members of the Research Project

OKUDA Satoru