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FY 2007/2008 Research Topic: 1-04
Sustainable Growth of the Chinese Economy: Overcoming Resource and Environmental Constraints


China has maintained a high annual growth rate of 9% or above on average for a quarter of a century. However, in recent years, widespread doubts have been raised concerning its sustainability. For example, since 2002, China has been criticized as a guzzler of world energy and mineral resources because of the rapid increase of its imports in only a few years. It has also experienced a scarcity of water resources, which are essential in agriculture, industry and people’s daily life, in both quantity and quality due to the rapid increase in demand and severe pollution. Studies are needed on the background of these phenomena and their influence to future economic growth.

On the other hand, China has launched aggressive countermeasures against the resource and environmental constraints it faces. For example, in the 11th Five-Year plan (2006-2010), the energy savings target is set cutting the energy expense for each yuan of national income by 20 percent. The construction of a “Resource saving and recycling society” is a pillar of the 11th Five-Year plan. In addition to those policies, Chinese enterprises are investing aggressively in many projects for the development of overseas resources.

The purpose of our study is to provide reliable information on the on-going situation, evaluate the countermeasures by the Chinese government and enterprises, and examine the sustainability of China’s economic growth. Through a field survey and joint research with Chinese research institutes, we aim to collect the most up-to-date information and to publish a report that can be widely used, especially by businesses.


HORII Nobuhiro (Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics, Kyushu University)

Members of the Research Project

HORII Nobuhiro (Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics, Kyushu University)
KIMURA Koichiro
SAWADA Kenji (Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation)
GUO Sizhi (Senior Researcher, The Institute of Energy Economics)
SHEN Zhongyuan (Senior Researcher, The Institute of Energy Economics)
YOSHIDA Aya (Researcher, National Institute for Environmental Studies)
NAGASE Makoto (Researcher, East Asia Research Institute)