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Research Activities

Research Projects

FY 2006/2007

In FY 2006/2007 the following research activities are conducted.


Research TopicOrganizer
Compilation and Application of Trade Indices III: Relation between Trade Price Indices and Other Trade Indices(2-03) NODA Yosuke
Changing Villagers' Economies in Developing Countries under Globalization(4-06) SHIGETOMI Shinichi
Employment and Social Security in the Newly Industrializing Countries(4-07) USAMI Koichi
Institution Building for Local Economic Development(4-16) NISHIKAWA Yoshiaki
Social Movements and Popular Political Participation in Developing Countries (4-17) SHIGETOMI Shinichi
Financial Markets and Money in Developing Countries(4-18) MITSUO Hisayuki
Macroeconomic Implications of Imperfect Markets in Developing Countries(4-19) UMEZAKI So
Theories and Realities of Rural Development(4-20) MIZUNO Masami
Poverty Reduction through Generating Employment Opportunities(4-21) YAMAGATA Tatsufumi
Theorizing Law and Development Issues
The IMF and Developing Countries(4-24) KUNIMUNE Kozo
New Issues in Development Studies and Social-Welfare Studies
The Flowchart Approach to the Formation of Industrial Clusters: Focusing on the Mechanism of Endogenous R&D and Innovation
Health Service and Poverty: Making Health Services More Accessible to the Poor(4-37) UCHIMURA Hiroko