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Research Activities

Research Projects

FY 2006/2007 Research Topic: 4-36
The Flowchart Approach to the Formation of Industrial Clusters: Focusing on the Mechanism of Endogenous R&D and Innovation


In 2005, the forerunner of this research group, the research group on "A Comparison of Industrial Agglomerations in Asia and Other Regions: Factors in the Development of Agglomerations," completed in the task of constructing a flowchart model to serve as a prototype for industrial cluster policy in Asia, (1) by conducting a comparative analysis of factors in the development of industrial agglomerations, (2) that focused on the manufacturing sector (3) in Asian countries. The current research group seeks (1) to clarify the conditions required for and the process of formation of an autonomous, internal R&D innovation mechanism and to generalize this to the flowchart model, (2) by conducting comparative research on diverse industrial agglomerations including not only the manufacturing sector but also the IT and biotechnology sectors, (3) in other regions, primarily Latin America, in addition to Asia. The aim of the project is to produce recommendations concerning practical development strategies for industrial cluster policy.


April 2006 - February 2008


KUCHIKI Akifumi (Vice President)

Members of the Research Project

KUCHIKI Akifumi(Vice President)
FUJITA Masahisa
UEKI Yasushi
TSUJI Masatsugu (Professor, University of Hyogo)
OKAMOTO Yumiko (Professor, Doshisha University)
OKADA Aya (Professor, Nagoya University)
MIYAHARA Shoichi (Assistant Professor, Aoyamagakuin University)