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Research Activities

Research Projects

FY 2006/2007 Research Topic: 4-35
Political Systems under Social Transformation in the Gulf and Arabian Oil Producing Countries.


The Gulf countries and Yemen have peculiar political systems, including absolute monarchies and Islamic republics. Their political systems have remained almost unchanged since the 1980s, though they have experienced many political incidents. However, the social transformation that has taken place in the course of economic development is exerting a deep influence on the political systems in those countries. In this research project, we study social transformation in the Gulf countries and its influence on their political systems and political situations, analyzing the cases of Saudi Arabia, Iran, Yemen and some other Gulf countries.


April 2006 - March 2008


FUKUDA Sadashi

Members of the Research Project

FUKUDA Sadashi
SUZUKI Hitoshi
SATO Hidenobu (Public Security Intelligence Agency, Ministry of Justice)
MATSUMOTO Hiroshi (Associate Professor, Daito Bunka University)
MIZUSHIMA Takio (Professor, Tokushima University)


  • The results will be published in the I.D.E. Research Series (in Japanese) in 2008.