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FY 2006/2007 Research Topic: 4-29
New Issues in Development Studies and Social-Welfare Studies


About 10 per cent of people have some kind of disability, meaning that disability is actually common. People with disabilities (PWDs) constitute one of the largest and poorest groups living in poverty in the world. In developing countries, there are around 400 million PWDs, nearly all supposedly living in rural areas. To alleviate poverty in developing countries in accordance with the MDGs (Millennium Development Goals), it is an urgent task to resolve the problem of poverty for PWDs. To address the issue of disability from a social science viewpoint, we will not use the social-welfare and charity approach, but rather the development approach.

1. We will observe relationship between the United Nations and disability, in particular focusing on works on the UN Convention on Disability.

2. We will employ comparative studies between different approaches to disability in developing countries, considering the transition from the medical model, meaning that disability is something that should be cured and something individual, to the social model, which means that disability is constructed between the individual and the society around her/him and that society needs to be changed to be able to include all-people within it. The case studies will focus on two countries, Cameroon and the Philippines.

3 We will analyze community-based rehabilitation as an important approach for disability-inclusive development, its concept and current situations.

4 We will examine laws and institutions which assist PWDs in developing countries, the current situation, and changes in economic development and liberalization. The case study will focus on the Disability Law in China.


April 2005 - March 2007


Members of the Research Project

KAMEI Nobutaka (Kwansei Gakuin University,COE Associate Professor)
NAGASE Osamu (University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Economics, COE Research Associate Professor)
NAKANISHI Yukiko (Asia Disability Institute, Director)


Information of the Research Project

We have started a new Japanese discussion mailing list for disability and development and those interested in them as a research topic. The Disability and Development mailing list is a place for networking and exchange of information on reasonable accommodations requested by faculty at universities, other institutions of higher education, staff at international organizations and people from NGOs working on the issue of disability. The topics for discussion will include the economic, political and social contexts that related issues are nested within, and specific cases and situations. Faculty members from all disciplines are explicitly invited to join us.