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FY 2006/2007 Research Topic: 4-27
Thailand in an Era of Reforms: Political and Administrative Reforms from 1997 to the Thaksin Administration


Thailand went through a mass movements calling for political reforms beginning in the 1990s, and the 1997 Constitution is thought to be one of the outcomes of these movements in this period of "democratization." The Thaksin administration was formed in 2001 amid the process of implementing these political reforms, and this administration launched a host of new schemes of reforms.

Whereas most existing research concerning recent Thai politics focuses on the 1997 Constitution and the problems of the Thaksin Administration, few studies have been done on the realities of the reforms that would reflect both the ideals of the 1997 Constitution and the political compromise in the implementation process. In this research project, we will focus on the process and characteristics of important political and administrative reforms (e.g., election system, jurisdiction system, decentralization, educational reforms, foreign affairs, etc.) and attempt to synthesize the impact of these reforms on Thai politics in the long run.


September 2005 - March 2007


TAMADA Yoshifumi (Professor, Kyoto University)

Members of the Research Project

TAMADA Yoshifumi (Professor, Kyoto University)
SUEHIRO Akira (Professor, University of Tokyo)
OIZUMI Keiichiro (Senior Economist, Japan Research Institute)
NAGAI Fumio (Associate Professor, Osaka City University)