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FY 2006/2007 Research Topic: 4-26
Decentralization and Environmental Policies in Asia


During the process of decentralization in many developing countries, the authority over some budgetary and human resources has been transferred from the center to local governments, so that the conditions which had prevented the execution of environmental administration by the local government are changing drastically.

Through decentralization, local governments have gained the ability to introduce advanced environment policies that go beyond the requirements of the central government. On the other hand, there are examples of local governments giving clear priority to the promotion of industrialization over environmental protection.

In order to understand the progress of the environmental policy of each country, it is important to analyze the influence of decentralization on the relationship between central and local government, the local political process concerning "development and the environment," and the local government's environmental administration and policy.

This research project will attempt to establish a framework for analyzing the effectiveness of local environmental policy in developing countries, by analyzing the relationship between central and local governments, the local government's environment policy and administration


April 2005 - March 2007


Members of the Research Project

TERAO Tadayoshi
KOJIMA Michikazu
FUJIKURA Ryo (Professor, Hosei University)
ITO Yasushi (Associate Professor, Chiba University of Commerce)