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Research Activities

Research Projects

FY 2006/2007 Research Topic: 4-20
Theories and Realities of Rural Development


In the context of Japan's international development studies, the term "rural development" has been used as a synonym for "agricultural development." Only recently has rural development come to be recognized as a broader concept which includes interventions for poverty reduction. Once it comes to cover poverty reduction and social development, the rural development planner needs to consider the socio-cultural conditions of each rural society in which he or she is trying to intervene. Sociology, anthropology and area studies have accumulated knowledge on rural societies in developing countries. But very little of that knowledge has been utilized in planning rural development interventions. This study looks for ways to bridge the gap in knowledge about rural society and rural development strategy.


July 2005 - January 2007


MIZUNO Masami (Professor, Nihon University)

Members of the Research Project

MIZUNO Masami (Professor, Nihon University)
SATO Hiroshi
SHIOTA Mitsuki
Shonosuke TOMITA (Association for Agricultural Improvement Extension Service)
Keishiro ITAGAKI (Professor, Tokyo University of Agriculture)
Masafumi IKENO (KOEI research institute)
Kazuko TATSUMI (Lecturer, Yamaguchi University)
Elli SUGITA (Japan International Cooperation Agency)
Kazuhito SUGA (Japan International Volunteer Center)