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FY 2006/2007 Research Topic: 4-14
Political Structures and Interrelations in the Contemporary Levant States


Since the outbreak of the Iraq War, the Arab world has witnessed unprecedented changes resulting from the external pressure justified under the propaganda "War on Terror" and "democratization." Syria and Lebanon are not exceptions; the assassination of former Lebanese Premier Rafiq al-Hariri (February 2005) triggered a Syria-bashing campaign in the international community (especially the U.S. and France) and to an anti-Syrian campaign in Lebanon. In consequence, Syria was forced to abandon its control over Lebanon, leading to uncertainty regarding the political stability and national security. On the other hand, Lebanon has faced disagreement regarding its internal and external policies after the "restoration of sovereignty" (the Syrian withdrawal from Lebanon), which led to substantial paralysis in politics.

This research project aims to analyze: (1) how the political structures of both Syria and Lebanon have changed in the abovementioned situation; (2) how the intertwined relations between the political structures of the two countries have been reconstructed especially after the assassination of former Premier al-Hariri; and (3) how this reconstruction influences the political stability (or instability) of Syria and Lebanon as well as the whole Arab world.


April 2006 - March 2008


AOYAMA Hiroyuki (Area Studies Center)

Members of the Research Project

AOYAMA Hiroyuki (Area Studies Center)
SUECHIKA Kota (Associate Professor, Ritsumeikan University)