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FY 2006/2007 Research Topic: 4-12
Competitiveness of Korea's Major Industries: How They Adjust to Ever-changing Environment in the 21st Century


The purpose of our research is to review the competitiveness of Korea's major industries and to provide an outlook for their future path. We plan to examine the general machinery, automobile, semiconductor, steel and banking industries. Following the quick recovery from the 1997/98 economic crisis, the pace of Korea's economic growth is gradually decelerating as it catches up economically with other developed countries. Nevertheless, the desire for a better quality of life persists among citizens. Therefore, it is important for Korea to sustain and strengthen the competitiveness of its leading industries in order to sustain the quality of life of its citizens in the future. To cope with the wave of globalization, Korea's leading industries are venturing into the world market, by enhancing their technology level, adopting management systems based on good governance, and fostering their brand values. The efforts of these leading industries will affect their competitors, including Japan and China, and Korea's strategy will be of a good reference for late-comer developing countries. In reviewing the competitiveness of Korea's leading industries, we will first examine traditional indicators of productivity, international trade, and corporate finance. We will also explore factors that lead to the success or failure of those sectors. Specifically we will explore production technology and corporate management technology.


April 2006 - March 2008


OKUDA Satoru

Members of the Research Project

OKUDA Satoru
ABE Makoto
HATTORI Tamio (Professor, University of Tokyo)
TAKAYASU Yuichi (Director, Quality-of-Life Policy Bureau, Cabinet Office)
KIM Bonggil (Professor, University of Toyama)
YOSHIOKA Hidemi (Associate Professor, Kyushu University)