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FY 2006/2007 Research Topic: 4-07
Employment and Social Security in the Newly Industrializing Countries


Since the 1980s, the influence of globalization has become overwhelming, and at the same time, industrial relations have tended to become more flexible, or at least making them more flexible has been debated in the newly industrializing countries. On the other hand, we can observe an increase in the labor force in the informal sector, referred to as the phenomenon of informalization of the formal sector. This research group aims to clarify the situation of increased flexibility of industrial relations and the labor and social security reforms related to it.

Our research group has the three following concrete objectives: (1) to clarify the transformation of industrial relations after the 1980s in the regions; (2) to clarify the relationship between the transformation of industrial relations and existing social security systems or the welfare state; and (3) to analyze the factors of the political economy which cause these transformations.


April 2005 - March 2007


USAMI Koichi

Members of the Research Project

USAMI Koichi
UETANI Naokatsu
KAMIMURA Yasuhiro (Associate Professor, Hosei University)
YOSHIMURA Mako (Professor, Hosei University)
SAWADA Yukari (Associate Professor, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
HATA Keiko (Waseda University)
KIM Jo-Seol (Shinshu University)


Information of the Research Project