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Research Projects

FY 2006/2007 Research Topic: 4-02
Globalization in South Asia: Its Impact on Employment and Labor Issues


Economic globalization has had far-reaching impacts on the world economy, bringing about multi-dimensional changes in various sectors including trade, finance and information and employment. Up until now, however, its impact on employment and the labor situation in developing countries has not been as well researched as that in other dimensions. In South Asia, as in other regions, globalization has given rise to new industries and created new employment opportunities in sectors such as the IT industry in India and readymade garment industries in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. At the same time, globalization has brought changes in employment practices both in the public and private sectors, resulting in a shrinking of formal employment and an expansion of non-standard work arrangements. In this two-year research project, we have been investigating the issue first through an analysis of employment-related policies and institutions and the structure of labor markets and employment, and secondly by conducting several empirical surveys jointly with South Asian organizations. In the second and final year, following the field studies conducted in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh in the first year, the impact of the withdrawal of the Multi-Fiber Agreement (MFA) on the employment situation will be analyzed intensively through sample surveys in India and Pakistan.


April 2005 - March 2007


SATO Hiroshi (Lecturer, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)

Members of the Research Project

SATO Hiroshi (Lecturer, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
ODA Hisaya
ARAI Etsuyo
KISO Junko (Professor, Ferris University)
SATO Takahiro (Associate Professor, Osaka City University)