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FY 2006/2007 Research Topic: 3-03
Linkages between the Japanese Generic Pharmaceuticals Market and the Manufacturers of India and China: The Role of the Patent and Quality Regulation Systems


Generic pharmaceuticals are products that enter the market after the expiration of patents on brand-name pharmaceuticals. In contrast to brand-name products, which are typically sold at higher prices due to the market power created by patents, generic products are supplied competitively by multiple firms, thereby lowering market price. As of 2006, the share of generics in the Japanese prescription drug market is still low compared to that in other developed countries. However, due to policy initiatives such as the introduction of generic substitution by pharmacists, the demand for generics is expected to grow rapidly over the next few years. On the production side, the procurement of ingredients for generic drugs is becoming increasingly global, while non-Japanese manufacturers are gradually entering into the finished dose form market as well. In particular, Indian and Chinese pharmaceutical firms are growing in presence, as they have in other developed country markets.

This research project aims to clarify the role played by Indian and Chinese manufacturers in the Japanese generic pharmaceuticals market, and to explore alternative scenarios regarding future developments in this market. In pursuing these objectives, the research team will analyze country-level sources of competitiveness in the global market, while identifying important constraints faced by firms in each country. Particular focus will be placed on the impact of patent system reform and the implementation of quality regulation.


August 2006 - March 2007 


KUBO Kensuke

Members of the Research Project

KUBO Kensuke
KAMIIKE Atsuko (Part-time lecturer, Konan University)