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FY 2006/2007 Research Topic: 2-04a
China's Emergence as an Economic Giant and the World Economy


The Chinese economy is growing rapidly, and the overseas activities of Chinese enterprises, including the acquisition of resources and plants and equipment, have significantly increased, especially during the past year or so. The purpose of our study is to attain a grasp of the real situation of the growing Chinese economy and to analyze China's impacts on neighboring countries and regions and the world economy as a whole.

More specifically, the following three points are the focus of our study.

First, our study will provide a basic knowledge for forecasting the mid-term future for readers through analysis of the mechanism of the emergence of the Chinese economy and new difficulties accompanying Chinese economic growth.

Second, as a result of the high growth of mainland China's economy, economic relationships between mainland China and surrounding economies, such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong, are changing dramatically. Our study will analyze those changes in trade, overseas investment and human interactions. We will also conduct analysis of China's economic interactions with ASEAN countries and South Asian countries.

Third, at present the entire East Asian region is emerging as the biggest accumulator of foreign currency reserves, as a world factory, and as the biggest importer of resources. Our study will analyze the influences of this new reality on the world's financial, trade and development import structure.


July 2005 - September 2006


KOJIMA Reiitsu (Professor Emeritus, Daito Bunka University)

Members of the Research Project

KOJIMA Reiitsu (Professor Emeritus, Daito Bunka University)
HORII Nobuhiro
KIMURA Koichiro
TOTSUKA Takatomo (Director, Latin America Division, Overseas Research Department, JETRO)
ARAI Etsuyo
OKAZAKI Kumiko (Director, Bank of Japan)
INOUE Kazuko (Researcher, Mitsui Global Strategic Studies Institute)
TSUJI Miyo (Associate Professor, University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences)
ISHIKAWA Koichi (Professor, Asia University)
MASAMOTO Tadashi (Ph.D. candidate, Daito Bunka University)