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Promoting Sustainable River Basin Governance — Crafting Japan-U.S. Water Partnerships in China

Spot Survey


Edited by Jennifer L.Turner and Kenji Otsuka
Published in March 2005
Part 1 State of River Basin Management Institutions
Chapter 1
River Governance Structure in China: A Study of Water Quantity/Quality Management Regimes / Wang Yahua
Chapter 2
Conservation of the Waterfront Environment along Japan's Rivers: Institutions and Their Reforms of River Basin Management / Naoki Kataoka
Chapter 3
Sustainable Water Resources Management in the United States: Use of River Basin Commissions to Promote Economic Development, While Protecting the Environment and Improving Community Quality / Carol R. Collier
Part 2 Institutional and Economic Approach to Sustainable River Basin Governance
Chapter 4
China as Basin Country of International Rivers / Mikiyasu Nakayama
Chapter 5
Economies of Scale & Scope in River Basin Management / Gary Wolff
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Evaluating Cost Sharing for Sustainable River Basin Management: Case Studies in Netherlands and Japan / Kaori Fujita
Part 3 Public Participation and River Basin Governance
Chapter 8
Bridge Over Troubled Waters: The Role of the News Media in Promoting Public Participation in River Basin Management and Environmental Protection in China / Hu Kanping with Yu Xiaogang
Chapter 9
Essentials of Stakeholder Participation in the Wise Use of Wetlands: Good Practices of Two Lagoons in Japan and India / Reiko Nakamura
Chapter 10
Fostering a Stewardship Approach to Water Resources Management / Richard Volk
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