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Papers and Reports

IDE Research Bulletin

Research summary based on papers that are written for publication in academic journals to make an academic contribution to the related literature.
"Institutional Innovations and Adaption to Marketization in Rural China: Economic Analysis of Cooperative Organization and the Collective Ownership System" HOKEN Hisatoshi / Published in March 2016
"Impact of Policies to Promote the Use of Energy-Efficient Appliances in Emerging Asian Economies" WATANABE Mariko / Published in March 2016
"Economic division in British India: An analysis of population dynamics" TSUBOTA Kenmei / Published in March 2016
"Heterogeneous Firms and Cost Sharing in China's Marketplaces" GOKAN Toshitaka / Published in March 2016
"Transition from School to Work: Linkage of Education and Employment in India" NAKAMURA Mari / Published in March 2016
"Impact of Rural Electrification on Fertility in Bangladesh" SHONCHOY Abu / Published in March 2016
"Trade Standards Compliance in Asia" Kaoru Nabeshima / Published in March 2016
"Comprehensive Asia Development Plan and IDE-GSM toward African Geographical Data" KUMAGAI Satoru / Published in March 2016
"Economic Analysis on Trade Policy and Trade Agreements" SATO Hitoshi / Published in March 2016
"Youth unemployment and labour market participation in Southern Africa" ITO Seiro / Published in March 2016
"Consumption Behaviors in the East and South-East Asian Economies" Hisao YOSHINO / Published in March 2015
"Economic Development and Property Rights in Developing Countries" IWASAKI Yoko / Published in March 2015
"Revolutionary Cuba’s Quest for Survival: Comparison with Vietnam" YAMAOKA Kanako / Published in March 2015
"Political Limits on World Oil Trade" KASHCHEEVA Mila / Published in March 2015
"Incentives on the Road: The Impacts of Management Practices on Productivity and Accidents in the Trucking Services Industry in Thailand" MACHIKITA Tomohiro / Published in March 2015
"Supply-chain industrialization and growth: Does value-added matter?" ITO Tadashi / Published in March 2015
"Multinational Firms and the Globalization of Developing Countries" TANAKA Kiyoyasu / Published in March 2014
"Exploring informal networks in Kazakhstan: a multidimensional approach" OKA Natsuko / Published in March 2014
"Dimensions and Determinants of Upward Mobility: A Study Based on Longitudinal Data from Delhi Slums" TSUJITA Yuko / Published in March 2014