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Papers and Reports

Latin America Studies Series

The Latin America Studies(L.A.S.) Series aim at disseminating the results of research and study conducted in the Area Studies Center of IDE.

Back Issues

"A Study on the Impact of Economic Liberalization in Brazil: 1995-2002" Edited by Nobuaki Hamaguchi (Organizer), João Carlos Ferraz, Carlos Frederico Leão Rocha / Published in March 2003
"El desplazamiento y la integración de la economía rural al mercado: los casos de Ayacucho, Perú" Edited by Tatsuya Shimizu, Alfredo Valencia, Jefrey Gamarra / Published in Marzo 2003
"Economic Liberalization and Evolution of Rural Agricultural Sector in Peru" Edited by Carolina Trivelli ,Tatsuya Shimizu ,Manuel Glave / Published in January 2003
"Modernization of Agriculture in Peru in the 1990s" Edited by José A. Salaverry Llosa , Rosario Gómez , Tatsuya Shimizu / Published in March 2001