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Papers and Reports

Joint Research Program Series

Back Issues (1994-2003)

"Technological Innovation and International Competitiveness of Die and Mold Industry in Taiwan and Korea" Edited by Chen Ming-Fong, Lee Husang, Junko Mizuno / Published in March 2002
"Agriculture and Peasants in Rwanda: A Preliminary Report" by Shin'ichi Takeuchi, Jean Marara / Published in 2000
"Microfinance: A Case Study of the Community and People's Banks in Nigeria" Edited by Sylvanus Ikhide, Anthony Akinlo, Katsuya Mochizuki / Published in 1998
"The New Regional Foreing Policy of South Africa" Edited by John Barratt, Anthoni van Nieuwkerk, Erich Leistner, Koji Hayashi / Published in 1994