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Technological Innovation and International Competitiveness of Die and Mold Industry in Taiwan and Korea

Joint Research Program Series


Edited by Chen Ming-Fong, Lee Husang, Junko Mizuno
Published in March 2002
Part 1 Results of Studies in Japan

Introductory Chapter (40KB) / Mizuno Junko

1. What are Dies and Molds?
2. The Importance of the Die and Mold Industry in the Manufacturing Sector
Chapter 1
1. The Characteristics Common to Both Korea and Taiwan
2. Characteristics Specific to Korea and Taiwan
2.1 Korea
2.2 Taiwan
3.Concluding Remarks
Chapter 2
1. Japanese Die and Mold Industry
1.1 Number of enterprises, employees and value of production
1.2 Characteristics of die and mold production in Japan
1.3 Findings from the questionnaire survey conducted in Japan
Part 2 Results of Studies in Korea
Chapter 3

State of the Die and Mold Industry in the Republic of Korea / Lee Husang, Choi Doosun

1.1 Past history
1.2 Present industry trend
2.1 Die and mold company's management situation
2.2 Present status of employees and countermeasure for employment
2.3 Manufacturing condition and cost down strategy
2.4 The future prospects of the die and mold industry
2.5 Business strategies of Korean die and mold industry
2.6 Strategies for international division of labors with Asian countries

3. Conclusion (10KB)

Part3 Results of Studies in Taiwan
Chapter 4

International Competitiveness of Taiwan Mold and Die Industry / Chen Ming-Fong

3.1 Management
3.2 Production and cost down
3.3 Manufacturing shop
3.4 International collaboration in Asia
3.5 Future and strategy of mold an die industry

5. Remarks (8KB)