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Papers and Reports

IDE Discussion Papers

DiscussionPaperWelcome to the Institute of Developing Economies (IDE) Discussion Paper Series. We are pleased to provide an electronic archive for disseminating works-in-progress reflecting the broad range of research activities of IDE research fellows.

You may view the abstracts and download the full text of papers in PDF format.


"Export Platform Foreign Direct Investment: Theory and Evidence"
by ITO Tadashi / Published in December 2012
"The Misconception of Political Lessons: How UMNO Perceives the Fall of LDP In Japan"
by Muhamad Takiyuddin Ismail, Ahmad Fauzi Abdul Hamid / Published in December 2012
"Myanmar’s Two Decades of Partial Transition to a Market Economy: A Negative Legacy for the New Government"
by KUBO Koji / Published in December 2012
"Compilation, Application and Challenge of IDE-JETRO’s International Input-Output Tables"
by Bo MENG, Yaxiong ZHANG and Satoshi INOMATA / Published in December 2012
"What Motivates Female Operators to Enter the Garment Industry in Pakistan in the Post-MFA Period?"
by MAKINO Momoe / Published in December 2012
"Is the Vietnamese Garment Industry at a Turning Point?: Upgrading from the Export to the Domestic Market"
by GOTO Kenta / Published in December 2012
"Impact of Diagonal Cumulation Rule on FTA Utilization: Evidence from Bilateral and Multilateral FTAs between Japan and Thailand"
by HAYAKAWA Kazunobu / Published in November 2012
"Two-Polar Growth Strategy in Myanmar: Seeking “High” and “Balanced” Development"
by Toshihiro KUDO and Satoru KUMAGAI / Published in November 2012
"Market Efficiency of Commodity Futures in India"
by INOUE Takeshi and HAMORI Shigeyuki / Published in October 2012
"Geographical Simulation Analysis for Logistics Enhancement in Asia"
by KUMAGAI Satoru, HAYAKAWA Kazunobu, ISONO Ikumo, KEOLA Souknilanh and TSUBOTA Kenmei / Published in October 2012
"Marriage as Women's Old Age Insurance: Evidence from Migration and Land Inheritance Practices in Rural Tanzania"
by KUDO Yuya / Published in September 2012
"China’s Inter-regional Spillover of Carbon Emissions and Domestic Supply Chains"
by Bo MENG, Jinjun XUE, Kuishuang FENG, Dabao GUAN / Published in September 2012
"Impacts of FTA Utilization on Firm Performance"
by HAYAKAWA Kazunobu / Published in August 2012
"Selection and Utilization of the Early Harvest List: Evidence from the Free Trade Agreement between China and Taiwan"
by Kuo-I CHANG and Kazunobu HAYAKAWA / Published in August 2012
"Does the Use of Multiple FTAs Force Firms to Raise Local Input Share?: Evidence of the Spaghetti Bowl Phenomenon"
by HAYAKAWA Kazunobu / Published in August 2012
"Firms’ Use of FTA Schemes in Exporting and Importing: Is There a Two-way Relationship?"
by HAYAKAWA Kazunobu / Published in August 2012
"Measuring Global Value Chains and Regional Economic Integration: An International Input–Output Approach."
by Bo MENG, Yong FANG, and Norihiko YAMANO / Published in July 2012
"New Aspects of Intra-industry Trade in EU Countries"
by ITO Tadashi, OKUBO Toshihiro / Published in August 2012
"Shrinking Population and the Urban Hierarchy"
by Ho Yeon KIM / Published in August 2012
"China’s Regional Economies and Value Chains: An Interregional Input-Output Analysis"
by Bo MENG, Yaxiong ZHANG, Jiemin GUO, Yong FANG / Published in July 2012
"Real Exchange Rate Appreciation, Resource Boom, and Policy Reform in Myanmar"
by KUBO Koji / Published in July 2012
"Increasing Popular Participation in the Treaty-making Process: The Legislative Process of Section 190 of the 2007 Constitution of Thailand"
by AOKI-OKABE Maki / Published in July 2012
"Revisiting the determinants of unit values"
by ITO Tadashi / Published in June 2012
"Farming Strategy of African Smallholder Farmers in Transition from Traditional to Alternative Agriculture: The Case of the Nupe in Central Nigeria"
by Shin ABE, Ryo TAKAHASHI, Akiko HARUNA, Eiji YAMAJI, Toshiyuki WAKATSUKI / Published in June 2012
"Spatial Spillovers from FDI Agglomeration: Evidence from the Yangtze River Delta in China"
by TANAKA Kiyoyasu and HASHIGUCHI Yoshihiro / Published in June 2012
"Central Bank Intervention and Exchange Rate Behaviour: Empirical Evidence for India"
by INOUE Takeshi / Published in June 2012
"Toiling Children in India: The Gender Dimension"
by Rajnish KUMAR, Arup MITRA and Mayumi MURAYAMA / Published in April 2012
"Casting a Voice for Rural Struggles during Apartheid: The Case of AFRA"
by SATO Chizuko / Published in March 2012
"Backward- bending of Labor Supply Function and Free Riders"
by YOSHINO Hisao / Published in March 2012
"Comparative Analysis of Bilateral Memoranda on Anti-human Trafficking Cooperation between Thailand and Three Neighboring Countries: What Do the Origin and the Destination States Agree Upon?"
by YAMADA Miwa / Published in March 2012
"The Inverted Chinese/China Problem in Indonesia: A Preliminary analysis on the 2011 Surabaya incident"
by AIZAWA Nobuhiro / Published in March 2012
"Can FDI Promote Export Diversification and Sophistication of Host Countries? Dynamic Panel System GMM Analysis"
by IWAMOTO Manabu and NABESHIMA Kaoru / Published in March 2012
"Multiplant Strategy under core-periphery structure"
by TSUBOTA Kenmei / Published in March 2012
"Environmental Consciousness, Economic Gain and Consumer Choice of Energy Efficient Appliances in Thailand, China and India"
by KUSAKA Wakana, WATANABE Mariko / Published in March 2012
"Young Women’s Economic Daily Lives in Rural Ethiopia"
by KODAMA Yuka / Published in March 2012
"Role of Supply Chains in Adopting Product Related Environmental Regulations: Case Studies of Vietnam"
by MICHIDA Etsuyo, NABESHIMA Kaoru / Published in March 2012
"Trade, Economic Growth and Environment"
by MANAGI Shunsuke / Published in March 2012
"The Effect of EU Environmental Regulation on International Trade: Restriction of Hazardous Substances as a Trade Barrier"
by HONDA Keiichiro / Published in March 2012
"Non-Economic Voting and Incumbent Strength in Turkey"
by HAZAMA Yasushi / Published in March 2012
"Assessing agglomeration economies in the Yangtze River Delta, China: A Bayesian spatial Durbin model approach"
by HASHIGUCHI Yoshihiro and Kuang-hui CHEN / Published in Revised October 22, 2012
"Diversified Boundaries of the Firm"
by KIMURA Koichiro / Published in March 2012
"Migration as a Rural Development Strategy and the Migrants Involved: An Account of a Migrants’ Hometown in Sichuan, China"
by YAMAGUCHI Mami / Published in March 2012
"Technology Network for Machine Tools in Vietnam"
by MIZUNO Junko / Published in March 2012
"The Japan-Peru FTA: Antecedents, Significance and Main Features"
by Fernando Gonzalez-Vigil and SHIMIZU Tatsuya / Published in March 2012
"Caste, Land, and Migration: A Preliminary Analysis of a Village Survey in an Underdeveloped State in India"
by TSUJITA Yuko and ODA Hisaya / Published in March 2012
"Progress and Issues in Rural Electrification in Bihar, India: A Preliminary Analysis"
by ODA Hisaya / Published in March 2012
"Development Strategy in Bihar through Revitalizing the Agricultural Sector: A Preliminary Analysis"
by FUJITA Koichi / Published in March 2012
"Growth and Public Finance in Bihar"
by Chirashree Das Gupta / Published in March 2012
"The Confucius Institutes and China’s Soft Power"
by REN zhe / Published in March 2012
"Coping and Adaptation against Decreasing Fish Resources :Case Study of Fishermen in Lake Inle, Myanmar"
by OKAMOTO Ikuko / Published in March 2012
"Inflation Targeting in Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines: The Impact on Business Cycle Synchronization between Each Country and the World"
by INOUE Takeshi, TOYOSHIMA Yuki, and HAMORI Shigeyuki / Published in March 2012
"The Business Management Strategy of Iran’s Large Apparel Firms: Overview of Results from a Questionnaire Survey and Interviews 2009-2011"
by IWASAKI Yoko / Published in February 2012
"Trade Policies and Trade Mis-reporting in Myanmar"
by KUBO Koji / Published in February 2012
"Innovating Global Value Chains: Creation of the Netbook Market by Taiwanese Firms"
by KAWAKAMI Momoko / Published in February 2012
"Heterogeneous Multinational Firms and Productivity Gains from Falling FDI Barriers"
by ARITA Shawn and TANAKA Kiyoyasu / Published in February 2012
"Development of Land Rental Market and its Effect on Household Farming in Rural China: An Empirical Study in Zhejiang Province"
by HOKEN Hisatoshi / Published in February 2012 (Revised March 2012)
"Returns to Migration: The Role of Educational Attainment in Rural Tanzania"
by KUDO Yuya / Published in February 2012
"The Gap between Recognition and the ‘Compensation Business’: The Claim against Britain for Compensation by Kenya’s Former Mau Mau Fighters"
by TSUDA Miwa / Published in February 2012
"Restructuring the State Budget System for Disinflation and Exchange Rate Unification in Myanmar"
by KUBO Koji / Published in January 2012
"Effects of Birth Order and Sibling Sex Composition on Human Capital Investment in Children in India"
by MAKINO Momoe / Published in January 2012