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Papers and Reports

IDE Discussion Papers

DiscussionPaperWelcome to the Institute of Developing Economies (IDE) Discussion Paper Series. We are pleased to provide an electronic archive for disseminating works-in-progress reflecting the broad range of research activities of IDE research fellows.

You may view the abstracts and download the full text of papers in PDF format.


"Transport Modal Choice by Multinational Firms: Firm-level Evidence from Southeast Asia"
by HAYAKAWA Kazunobu, TANAKA Kiyoyasu, and UEKI Yasushi / Published in November 2011
"Factors that Prevent Children from Gaining Access to Schooling: A Study of Delhi Slum Households"
by TSUJITA Yuko / Published in November 2011
"Production Networks in the Asia-Pacific Region: Facts and Policy Implications"
by HIRATSUKA Daisuke / Published in November 2011
"Growth Strategies in a Greener World"
by NABESHIMA Kaoru / Published in November 2011
"Do Export Promotion Agencies Increase Exports?"
by HAYAKAWA Kazunobu, Hyun-Hoon LEE, and Donghyun PARK / Published in October 2011
"Competition of the Mechanisms: How Chinese Home Appliance Firms Coped with Default Risk of Trade Credit?"
by WATANABE Mariko / Published in December 2011
"How Serious Is the Omission of Bilateral Tariff Rates in Gravity?"
by HAYAKAWA Kazunobu / Published in October 2011
"Export Platform FDI and Firm Heterogeneity"
by HAYAKAWA Kazunobu and TANAKA Kiyoyasu / Published in October 2011
"Non-conventional Provisions in Regional Trade Agreements: Do They Enhance International Trade?"
by HAYAKAWA Kazunobu, KIMURA Fukunari, NABESHIMA Kaoru / Published in September 2011
"Consensus and Democracy in Indonesia: Musyawarah-Mufakat Revisited"
by KAWAMURA Koichi / Published in September 2011
"Low Workforce Participation of Educated Female and the Role of Work Organizations in Post-war Sri Lanka"
by Kumudinei DISSANAYAKE / Published in September 2011
"Agricultural Efficiency of Rice Farmers in Myanmar: A Case Study in Selected Areas"
by Nay Myo Aung / Published in September 2011
"Establishing Electoral Administration Systems in New Democracies"
by KAWANAKA Takeshi and ASABA Yuki / Published in August 2011
"Bilateral Tariff Rates in International Trade: Finished Goods versus Intermediate Goods"
by HAYAKAWA Kazunobu / Published in August 2011
"Knowledge Spillover in Indian Automobile Industry The Process and the Coverage"
by UCHIKAWA Shuji / Published in August 2011
"Platforms, Network Effects and Small Business Dynamics in China: Case Study of the Shanzhai Cell Phone Industry"
by Ke DING and Jiutang PAN / Published in July 2011
"Location Choice in Low-income Countries: Evidence from Japanese Investments in East Asia"
by HAYAKAWA Kazunobu and TSUBOTA Kenmei / Published in July 2011
"The Rise and Fall in the Price of Food, Fuel and Manufactured Goods: Interdependency between Prices and Technology Determining Comparative Advantages and Development Paths"
by YAMAGATA Tatsufumi and ASUYAMA Yoko / Published in June 2011
"Financial Permeation As a Role of Microfinance: Has Microfinance Actually been Helpful to the Poor?"
by INOUE Takeshi and HAMORI Shigeyuki / Published in May 2011
"Development of Broiler Integration in Peru"
by SHIMIZU Tatsuya / Published in April 2011
"Innovation Networks in China, Japan, and Korea: Further Evidence from U.S. Patent Data"
by NABESHIMA Kaoru and TANAKA Kiyoyasu / Published in April 2011
"Simulating Heterogeneous Multinational Firms"
by ARITA Shawn and TANAKA Kiyoyasu / Published in April 2011
"Ramadan School Holidays as a Natural Experiment:Impacts of Seasonality on School Dropout in Bangladesh"
by SHONCHOY Abu, ITO Seiro / Published in April 2011
"Seasonal Migration and Micro-credit in the Lean Period: Evidence from Northwest Bangladesh"
by SHONCHOY Abu / Published in March 2011
"Economic Restructuring and Regional Distribution of Enterprises in Vietnam"
by ISHIZUKA Futaba / Published in March 2011
"Market Discipline by Depositors: Impact of Deposit Insurance on the Indonesian Banking Sector"
by HAMADA Miki / Published in March 2011
"Negotiating Social Assistance: The Case of the Urban Poor in Turkey"
by MURAKAMI Kaoru / Published in March 2011
"Domestic, Vertical, and Horizontal Multinationals: A General Equilibrium Approach using the “Knowledge Capital Model”"
by OYAMADA Kazuhiko and UCHIDA Yoko / Published in March 2011
"Is the Anti-Trafficking Framework Really for the ‘Victims’? –Reflections on Burmese victims of human trafficking and non-trafficked migrants in Thailand"
by YAMADA Miwa / Published in March 2011
"Determinants of Political Tolerance: A Literature Review"
by HAZAMA Yasushi / Published in March 2011
"Strategic Trade Policy and Non-Linear Subsidy -In The Case of Price Competition-"
by YOSHINO Hisao / Published in March 2011 (Revised February 2012)
"Neither Exit nor Voice: Loyalty as a Survival Strategy for the Uzbeks in Kazakhstan"
by OKA Natsuko / Published in March 2011
"Innovation Networks in China, Japan, and Korea: Evidence from Japanese Patent Data"
by KUROIWA Ikuo, Kaoru NABESHIMA, TANAKA Kiyoyasu / Published in March 2011
"Preliminary Discussions on the Urbanization of Rural Areas in Modern Iran"
by SUZUKI Hitoshi / Published in March 2011
"A Model of Economic Growth with Saturating Demand"
by KUNIMUNE Kozo / Published in March 2011
"Does Quality Matter in the Iron and Scrap Trade?"
by MICHIDA Etsuyo, Cemal Atici, and KOJIMA Michikazu / Published in March 2011
"How Does Country Risk Matter for Foreign Direct Investment?"
by HAYAKAWA Kazunobu, KIMURA Fukunari, and Hyun-Hoon LEE / Published in February 2011
"The Role of Preferential Trade Agreements (PTAs) in Facilitating Global Production Networks"
by HAYAKAWA Kazunobu and YAMASHITA Nobuaki / Published in February 2011
"Ex ante Bargaining and Ex post Enforcement in Trade Credit Supply: Theory and Evidence from China"
by YANAGAWA Noriyuki and WATANABE Mariko / Published in February 2011 (Revised May 2013)
"Skill Sorting, Inter-Industry Skill Wage Premium, and Production Chains: Evidence from India 1999-2000"
by ASUYAMA Yoko / Published in February 2011
"Skill Distribution and Comparative Advantage: A Comparison of China and India"
by ASUYAMA Yoko / Published in February 2011
"Application of Factor Decomposition Techniques to Vertical Specialisation Measurements"
by Bo MENG, Norihiko YAMANO and Colin WEBB / Published in February 2011
"Measuring Fixed Costs for Firms’Use of a Free Trade Agreement: Threshold Regression Approach"
by HAYAKAWA Kazunobu / Published in January 2011
"Myopic or farsighted: Bilateral Trade Agreements among three symmetric countries"
by TSUBOTA Kenmei and KAWASAKI Yujiro / Published in January 2011