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Papers and Reports

IDE Discussion Papers

DiscussionPaperWelcome to the Institute of Developing Economies (IDE) Discussion Paper Series. We are pleased to provide an electronic archive for disseminating works-in-progress reflecting the broad range of research activities of IDE research fellows.

You may view the abstracts and download the full text of papers in PDF format.


"A Two-dimensional Analysis of the Impact of Outward FDI on Performance at Home: Evidence from Japanese Manufacturing Firms"
by OBASHI Ayako, Kazunobu HAYAKAWA, MATSUURA Toshiyuki, MOTOHASHI Kazuyuki / Published in December 2010
"Investment Promotion Agencies: Do They Work?"
by HAYAKAWA Kazunobu, Hyun-Hoon LEE, Donghyun PARK / Published in December 2010
"An Empirical Analysis on the Efficiency of the Microfinance Investment Market"
by INOUE Takeshi and HAMORI Shigeyuki / Published in December 2010
"Vertical Specialisation Indicator Based on Supply-Driven Input-Output Model"
by Bo MENG, Norihiko YAMANO and Colin Webb / Published in December 2010
"International Real Business Cycles: A Re-Visit"
by NGUYEN Quoc Hung / Published in December 2010
"Firm Dynamics in the Cambodian Garment Industry: Firm Turnover, Productivity Growth, and Wage Profile under Trade Liberalization"
by ASUYAMA Yoko, Dalin CHHUN, Takahiro FUKUNISHI, Seiha NEOU and YAMAGATA Tatsufumi / Published in December 2010
"The Role of Home and Host Country Characteristics in FDI: Firm-Level Evidence from Japan, Korea and Taiwan"
by Kazunobu HAYAKAWA, Hyun-Hoon LEE Donghyun PARK / Published in December 2010
"Determinants of Government Consumption Expenditure in Developing Countries: A Panel Data Analysis"
by SHONCHOY Abu / Published in December 2010
"Commercialization of Agriculture in the Himalayas"
by Dil Bahadur Rahut, Iván Velásquez Castellanos, Pravakar Sahoo / Published in December 2010
"Yangtze River Delta’s System Integration: Institutional Barriers and Countermeasures"
by Zhang Yu / Published in December 2010
"Tax Differentials and Inflow of Foreign Direct Investments: Evidence from Foreign Operations of U.S. Multinational Companies"
by WATANABE Yuichi / Published in December 2010
"The Making of a State-Centered “Public Sphere” in Turkey: A Discourse Analysis"
by HAZAMA Yasushi / Published in November 2010
"Infrastructure Development and Economic Growth in China"
by Pravakar Sahoo, Ranjan Kumar Dash, Geethanjali Nataraj / Published in October 2010
"The Urban Middle Class in the Instability of New Democracies"
by KAWANAKA Takeshi / Published in November 2010
"Income Disparity among Persons with Disabilities Assessed by Education and Sex: Findings from a Field Survey Conducted in Metro Manila, the Philippines"
by Jose Ramon Albert, Soya Mori, Celia Reyes, Aubrey Tabuga, and Tatsufumi Yamagata / Published in October 2010
"Smuggling and Import Duties in Myanmar"
by Koji Kubo and Nu Nu Lwin / Published in October 2010
"Myanmar Migrant Laborers in Ranong, Thailand"
by FUJITA Koichi, ENDO Tamaki, OKAMOTO Ikuko, NAKANISHI Yoshihiro, YAMADA Miwa / Published in September 2010
"Performance of Financial Institutions in Bhutan"
by Dil Bahadur Rahut, Iván Velásquez Castellanos, Pravakar Sahoo / Published in September 2010
"Recent Trends in Asian Integration and Japanese Participation"
by KAGAMI Mitsuhiro / Published in September 2010
"The Determinants of Rural Electrification in Bihar, India"
by ODA Hisaya, TSUJITA Yuko / Published in September 2010
"The Size Distribution of All Cambodian Establishments"
by TANAKA Kiyoyasu, HATSUKANO Naomi / Published in September 2010
"Globalization and Productivity: A Survey of Firm-level Analysis"
by HAYAKAWA Kazunobu, KIMURA Fukunari, MACHIKITA Tomohiro / Published in August 2010
"Location Choice of Multinational Enterprises in China: Comparison between Japan and Taiwan"
by Kuo-I CHANG, HAYAKAWA Kazunobu , MATSUURA Toshiyuki / Published in August 2010
"Are Trading Partners Complementary in International Trade?"
by HAYAKAWA Kazunobu, TANAKA Kiyoyasu, UEKI Yasushi / Published in August 2010
"How has Financial Deepening Affected Poverty Reduction in India? Empirical Analysis Using State-Level Panel Data"
by INOUE Takeshi and HAMORI Shigeyuki / Published in August 2010
"Restoration of Micro Data of John Lossing Buck’s Survey and Analysis of the Inverse Relationship between Yield and Farm Size in Rural China in the 1930’s"
by HOKEN Hisatoshi / Published in August 2010
"Liability Dollarization and Fear of Floating"
by NGUYEN Quoc Hung / Published in August 2010
"Trade of Heilongjiang Province (China) with Russia"
by HIRAIZUMI Hideki / Published in August 2010
"The Dynamics of Spending and Absorption of Aid: Panel Data Analysis"
by SHONCHOY Abu / Published in August 2010
"Cyber-networks, physical coalitions and missing links: Imagining and realizing dissent in Malaysia 1998–2008"
by KHOO Boo Teik / Published in August 2010
"Kenya’s 2007 Election Crisis"
by TSUDA Miwa / Published in July 2010
"Effectiveness of the Monetary Policy Framework in Present-day India: Have Financial Variables Functioned as Useful Policy Indicators?"
by INOUE Takeshi / Published in July 2010
"Transport Costs, Distance, and Time: Evidence from the Japanese Census of Logistics"
by TANAKA Kiyoyasu / Published in June 2010
"Political Institutions and Policy Outcomes: Effects of Presidential Vetoes on Budget Making"
by KAWANAKA Takeshi / Published in June 2010
"Critical connections: Islamic politics and political economy in Indonesia and Malaysia"
by KHOO Boo Teik and Vedi R. HADIZ / Published in June 2010
"Social movements and the crisis of neoliberalism in Malaysia and Thailand"
by KHOO Boo Teik / Published in June 2010
"Intra-regional Trade between China, Japan, and Korea: Before and After the Financial Crisis"
by KUROIWA Ikuo and OZEKI Hiromichi / Published in May 2010
"No Insulation: Politics and Technocracy’s Troubled Trajectory"
by KHOO Boo Teik / Published in May 2010
"Is the Indonesian President Strong or Weak?"
by KAWAMURA Koichi / Published in May 2010
"The Determinants of Offshore Production by Multinational Corporations (MNCs): A Comparison of Japanese and US MNCs"
by Toshiyuki Matsuura, Kiyoyasu Tanaka, Shujiro Urata / Published in April, 2010
"Interaction of Powers in the Philippine Presidential System"
by KAWANAKA Takeshi / Published in April, 2010
"FDI and Export Participation of Local Firms in Africa: The Case of the Kenyan Garment Industry"
by FUKUNISHI Takahiro / Published in April, 2010
"A Critical Review of Opinion Polls relating to Iranian Voting Intentions: Problems of Research Methodology as applied to Complex Societies"
by SUZUKI Hitoshi / Published in March 2010
"The Diversity and Dynamics of Industrial Organisation: Transformation of Local Assemblers in the Vietnamese Motorcycle Industry"
by FUJITA Mai / Published in March 2010
"Related Lending and Bank Performance: Evidence from Indonesia"
by HAMADA Miki, KONISHI Masaru / Published in March 2010
"Strategic Trade Policy and Non-Linear Subsidy"
by YOSHINO Hisao / Published in March 2010
"Large Fluctuations in Consumption in Least Developed Countries"
by KODAMA Masahiro / Published in March 2010
"Cost Reduction Effects of "pseudo FTAs" in Asia -Application of a price model based on a multilateral I/O table-"
by TAMAMURA Chiharu / Published in March 2010
"Natural Gas Export Revenue, Fiscal Balance and Inflation in Myanmar"
by KUBO Koji / Published in March 2010
"Separation of Control and Cash-Flow Rights of State Owned Listed Enterprises:
Channels of Expropriation following Discriminated Share Reform in China"

by WATANABE Mariko / Published in Revised June, 2010
"The Taiwan Strait Crisis of 1954-55 and U.S.-R.O.C Relations"
by MATSUMOTO Haruka / Published in February 2010
"The Experience of the National Rainbow Coalition (NARC): Political Parties in Kenya from 1991 to 2007"
by TSUDA Miwa / Published in February 2010
"Inferring the Effects of Vertical Integration from Entry Games: An Analysis of the Generic Pharmaceutical Industry"
by KUBO Kensuke / Published in January 2010
"Shock Transmission Mechanism of the Economic Crisis in East Asia: An Application of International Input-Output Analysis"
by KUROIWA Ikuo and KUWAMORI Hiroshi / Published in January 2010