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Papers and Reports

IDE Discussion Papers

DiscussionPaperWelcome to the Institute of Developing Economies (IDE) Discussion Paper Series. We are pleased to provide an electronic archive for disseminating works-in-progress reflecting the broad range of research activities of IDE research fellows.

You may view the abstracts and download the full text of papers in PDF format.


"Capability Matrix: A Framework for Analyzing Capabilities in Value Chains"
by SATO Yuri and FUJITA Mai / Published in December 2009
"Measurements to Assess Progress in Rights and Livelihood of Persons with Disabilities: Implications Drawn from the IDE-PIDS Socio-Economic Survey of PWDs"
by MORI Soya and YAMAGATA Tatsufumi / Published in December 2009
"The Cuban Economy: A Current Evaluation and Proposals for Necessary Policy Changes"
by Omar Everleny Pérez Villanueva / Published in December 2009
"What Explains Real and Nominal Exchange Rate Fluctuations? Evidence from SVAR Analysis for India"
by INOUE Takeshi and HAMORI Shigeyuki / Published in October 2009
"Analysis on International Trade of CLM Countries"
by Nu Nu Lwin / Published in August 2009
"The Technology Gap and the Growth of the Firm: A Case Study of China’s Mobile-phone Handset Industry"
by KIMURA Koichiro / Published in August 2009
"The Effect of Product Classifications on the Formulation of Export Unit Value Indices:
A Comparison of Export Unit Value Indices based on SITC and HS"

by KINOSHITA Soshichi / Published in August 2009
"Agglomeration versus Fragmentation: A Comparison of East Asia and Europe"
by HAYAKAWA Kazunobu, Zheng JI, OBASHI Ayako / Published in August 2009
"Complex Vertical FDI and Firm Heterogeneity: Evidence from East Asia"
by HAYAKAWA Kazunobu, MATSUURA Toshiyuki / Published in August 2009
"The Iron and Steel Industry in Asia: Development and Restructuring"
by SATO Hajime / Published in August 2009
"Measuring Fiscal Decentralization in the Philippines"
by UCHIMURA Hiroko and SUZUKI Yurika / Published in July 2009
"Market Access and Intermediate Goods Trade"
by HAYAKAWA Kazunobu / Published in July 2009
"Who Uses FTAs?"
by HAYAKAWA Kazunobu, HIRATSUKA Daisuke, SHINO Kohei, SUKEGAWA Seiya / Published in July 2009
"Issues Affecting the Movement of Rural Labour in Myanmar: Rakhine Case Study"
by OKAMOTO Ikuko / Published in July 2009
"Border Trade and Economic Zones on the North-South Economic Corridor: Focusing on the Connecting Points between the Four Countries"
by TSUNEISHI Takao / Published in July 2009
"Trade Coefficients and the Role of Elasticity in a Spatial CGE Model Based on the Armington Assumption"
by ANDO Asao, MENG Bo and Chao QU / Published in July 2009
"Location Advantages and Disadvantages in Myanmar: The Case of Garment Industry"
by KUDO Toshihiro / Published in May 2009
"Economic Voting and Electoral Volatility in Turkish Provinces"
by HAZAMA Yasushi / Published in May 2009
"Structural Changes in Asparagus Production and Exports from Peru"
by SHIMIZU Tatsuya / Published in May 2009
"An Empirical Analysis of the Monetary Policy Reaction Function in India"
by INOUE Takeshi, HAMORI Shigeyuki / Published in April 2009
"Deprivation of Education in Urban Areas: A Basic Profile of Slum Children in Delhi, India"
by TSUJITA Yuko / Published in March, 2009
"Constructing Female Subject: Narratives on Family and Life Security among the Urban Poor in Turkey"
by MURAKAMI Kaoru / Published in March, 2009
"Normative Influences of "Special and Differential Treatment" on North-South RTAs"
by YANAI Akiko / Published in March, 2009
"Pakistani Migration to the United States: An Economic Perspective"
by ODA Hisaya / Published in March, 2009
"Perfecting the Catching-up: The Case of Taiwan's Motorcycle Industry"
by SATO Yukihito / Published in March, 2009
"Ethnicity and Elections under Authoritarianism: The Case of Kazakhstan"
by OKA Natsuko / Published in March, 2009
"Vietnamese Local State-owned Enterprises (SOEs) at the Crossroads: Implications of SOE Restructuring at the Local Level"
by ISHIZUKA Futaba / Published in March, 2009
"Constitutional Review and Democratic Consolidation: A Literature Review"
by HAZAMA Yasushi / Published in March, 2009
"Technology Choice in the IT Industry and Changes of the Trade Structure"
by YOSHINO Hisao / Published in March, 2009
"In Memory of Dr. Ali Al-Gritly (1913-1982): His Views on Egypt’s Experience with Socialism"
by YAMADA Toshikazu / Published in March, 2009
"The Feasibility of Cuban Market Economy: A Comparison with Vietnam"
by YAMAOKA Kanako / Published in March, 2009
"Linked versus Non‐linked Firms in Innovation: The Effects of Economies of Network in Agglomeration in East Asia"
by MACHIKITA Tomohiro, UEKI Yasushi / Published in March, 2009
"Financial Policies and Dynamic Game Simulation in Poland and Hungary"
by YOSHINO Hisao / Published in March, 2009
"Is South Sulawesi a Center of Growth in Eastern Indonesia? : Japanese ODA Strategy Revisited "
by TAKAHASHI Kazushi / Published in March, 2009
"Production Networks and Spatial Economic Interdependence: An International Input-Output Analysis of the Asia-Pacific Region"
by MENG Bo , INOMATA Satoshi / Published in March, 2009
"Input-Output Based Economic Impact Evaluation System for Small City Development: A Case Study on Saemangeum's Flux City Design"
by MENG Bo, OKAMOTO Nobuhiro, TSUKAMOTO Yoshiharu and Chao QU / Published in February, 2009
"How Does Credit Access Affect Children’s Time Allocation? Evidence from Rural India"
by FUWA Nobuhiko , ITO Seiro , KUBO Kensuke , KUROSAKI Takashi, SAWADA Yasuyuki / Published in January 2009