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Papers and Reports

IDE Discussion Papers

DiscussionPaperWelcome to the Institute of Developing Economies (IDE) Discussion Paper Series. We are pleased to provide an electronic archive for disseminating works-in-progress reflecting the broad range of research activities of IDE research fellows.

You may view the abstracts and download the full text of papers in PDF format.


"Asian Industrial Development from the Perspective of the Motorcycle Industry"
by OHARA Moriki , SATO Yuri / Published in December 2008
"Political Conditions for Fair Elections"
by KAWANAKA Takeshi / Published in November 2008
"The Causal Relationships in Mean and Variance between Stock Returns and Foreign Institutional Investment in India"
by INOUE Takeshi / Published in November 2008
"Reconstruction and Development of Rural Cambodia—From Krom Samakki to Globalization—"
by AMAKAWA Naoko / Published in November 2008
"Pitfalls of Location Choice Analysis: The Finished Goods Producer versus the Intermediate Goods Producer"
by HAYAKAWA Kazunobu , MATSUURA Toshiyuki / Published in November 2008
"The Contribution of Supply and Demand Shifts to Earnings Inequality in Urban China"
by ASUYAMA Yoko / Published in October 2008 (Revised in June 2009)
"Changes in the Causes of Earnings Inequality in Urban China from 1988 to 2002"
by ASUYAMA Yoko / Published in October 2008 (Revised in June 2009)
"A New Measurement for International Fragmentation of the Production Process: An International Input-Output Approach"
by INOMATA Satoshi / Published in October 2008
"Revisiting Labour and Gender Issues in Export Processing Zones: The Cases of South Korea, Bangladesh and India"
by MURAYAMA Mayumi, YOKOTA Nobuko / Published in October 2008
"The Impact of Unstable Aids on Consumption Volatility in Developing Countries"
by KODAMA Masahiro / Published in October 2008
"Empirical Global Value Chain Analysis in Electronics and Automobile Industries: An Application of Asian International Input-Output Tables "
by OIKAWA Hiroshi / Published in October 2008
"Transformation of a Woodworking and Furniture Industrial District in Kampala, Uganda: Dichotomous Development of SME Cluster and Large Firm Sector "
by YOSHIDA Eiichi / Published in October 2008
"The Impact of Tobacco Production Liberalization on Smallholders in Malawi"
by HARASHIMA Azusa / Published in October 2008
"Competitiveness of the Knitwear Industry in Bangladesh: A Study of Industrial Development amid Global Competition"
by Zaid Bakht, Md. Salimullah, Tatsufumi Yamagata, and Mohammad Yunus / Published in October 2008
"Indian IT Software Engineers in Japan: A Preliminary Analysis"
by OTA Hitoshi / Published in September 2008
"TNCs in Perplexity over How to Meet Local Suppliers: The Case of Philippine Export Processing Zone"
by OIKAWA Hiroshi / Published in September 2008
"An Empirical Analysis of the Money Demand Function in India"
by INOUE Takeshi and HAMORI Shigeyuki / Published in September 2008
"Re-Examining 'Difference' and 'Development': A Note on Broadening the Field of Gender and Development in Japan"
by MURAYAMA Mayumi / Published in August 2008
"Constitutions around the World: A View from Latin America"
by Jose Luis CORDEIRO / Published in July 2008
"Clothing Export from sub-Saharan Africa: Impact on Poverty and Potential for Growth"
by FUKUNISHI Takahiro / Published in July 2008
"Re-thinking Argentina’s Labour and Social Security Reform in the 1990s: Agreement on Competitive Corporatism"
by USAMI Koichi / Published in July 2008
"Value Chain Dynamics and Growth of Local Firms: The Case of Motorcycle Industry in Vietnam"
by FUJITA Mai / Published in July 2008
"Border Barriers in Agricultural Trade and the Impact of their Elimination: Evidence from East Asia"
by HAYAKAWA Kazunobu , Kuo-I CHANG / Published in June 2008
"The IDE Geographical Simulation Model: Predicting Long-Term Effects of Infrastructure Development Projects"
by KUMAGAI Satoru, Gokan Toshitaka, Isono Ikumo and KEOLA Souknilanh / Published in June 2008
"A Journey Through the Secret History of the Flying Geese Model"
by KUMAGAI Satoru / Published in June 2008
"A Mathematical Representation of "Excitement" in Games: A Contribution to the Theory of Game Systems"
by KUMAGAI Satoru / Published in June 2008
"The Effect of Exchange Rate Volatility on International Trade: The Implication for Production Networks in East Asia"
by HAYAKAWA Kazunobu, KIMURA Fukunari / Published in May 2008
"The Choice of Transport Mode: Evidence from Japanese Exports to East Asia"
by HAYAKAWA Kazunobu / Published in May 2008
"Monetary Systems in Developing Countries: An Unorthodox View"
by Jose Luis Cordeiro / Published in May 2008
"Development of Border Economic Zones in Thailand: Expansion of Border Trade and Formation of Border Economic Zones"
by TSUNEISHI Takao / Published in May 2008
"Improving the Foreign Direct Investment Capacity of the Mountainous Provinces in Viet Nam"
by Nguyen Binh Giang / Published in April 2008
"Infrastructure (Rural Road) Development and Poverty Alleviation in Lao PDR"
by Syviengxay Oraboune / Published in April 2008
"Infrastructure Development of Railway in Cambodia: A Long Term Strategy"
by Chap Moly / Published in April 2008
"Foreign Direct Investment Relations between Myanmar and ASEAN"
by Thandar Khine / Published in April 2008
"Financing Small and Medium Enterprises in Myanmar"
by Aung Kyaw / Published in April 2008
"Myanmar Sugar SMEs: History, Technology, Location and Government Policy"
by San Thein and KUDO Toshihiro / Published in April 2008
"Exploiting the Modularity of Value Chains: Inter-firm Dynamics of the Taiwanese Notebook PC Industry"
by KAWAKAMI Momoko / Published in April 2008
"Sustainable Development and Poverty Reduction under Mubarak's Program"
by YAMADA Toshikazu / Published in March 2008
"Bank Borrowing and Financing of Medium-sized Firms in Indonesia"
by HAMADA Miki / Published in March 2008
"The Methodological Application of Modern Historical Science to Qualitative Research"
by IWASAKI Yoko / Published in March 2008
"Monetary Policy Effects in Developing Countries with Minimum Wages"
by KODAMA Masahiro / Published in March 2008
"The Political Economy of Growth: A Review"
by HAZAMA Yasushi / Published in March 2008
"The Changing Nature of Employment and the Reform of Labor and Social Security Legislation in Post-Apartheid South Africa"
by MAKINO Kumiko / Published in March 2008
"Technology Choice, Change of Trade Structure, and A Case of Hungarian Economy"
by YOSHINO Hisao / Published in March 2008
"The Policy Making Process in FTA Negotiations: A Case Study of Japanese Bilateral EPAs"
by HIGASHI Shigeki / Published in March 2008
"Rural to Urban Migration: A District Level Analysis for India"
by Arup Mitra and MURAYAMA Mayumi / Published in March 2008
"Causality Relationships between Total Exports with Agricultural and Manufacturing GDP in Tanzania"
by Nicolaus Herman Shombe / Published in February 2008
"The Shrimp Export Boom and Small-Scale Fishermen in Myanmar "
by OKAMOTO Ikuko / Published in March 2008
"Unlocking the Potential of Zambian Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
“Learning from the international best practices – the Southeast Asian Experience”"

by Chibwe Chisala / Published in February 2008
"Evolution in the Concept of Development: How Has The World Bank’s Legal Assistance Extended its Reach?"
by YAMADA Miwa / Published in March 2008
"Looking Toward the “New Era” Features and Background of the Japan-Thailand Economic Partnership Agreement"
by AOKI-OKABE Maki / Published in February 2008