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Papers and Reports

IDE Discussion Papers

DiscussionPaperWelcome to the Institute of Developing Economies (IDE) Discussion Paper Series. We are pleased to provide an electronic archive for disseminating works-in-progress reflecting the broad range of research activities of IDE research fellows.

You may view the abstracts and download the full text of papers in PDF format.


"Are Job Networks Localized in a Developing Economy? Search Methods for Displaced Workers in Thailand"
by MACHIKITA Tomohiro / Published in December 2006
"Career Crisis? Impacts of Financial Shock on the Entry-Level Labor Market: Evidence from Thailand"
by MACHIKITA Tomohiro / Published in December 2006
"Is Learning by Migrating to a Megalopolis Really Important? Evidence from Thailand"
by MACHIKITA Tomohiro / Published in December 2006
"Transport Sector and Regional Price Differentials: A SCGE Model for Chinese Provinces"
by ANDO Asao and MENG Bo / Published in December 2006
"Poverty Analysis of Ethiopian Females in the Amhara Region: Utilizing BMI as an Indicator of Poverty"
by KODAMA Yuka / Published in December 2006
"Monetary and Exchange Rate Policy in Malaysia before the Asian Crisis"
by UMEZAKI So / Published in December 2006
"Rules of Origin and Local Content in East Asia"
by KUROIWA Ikuo / Published in November 2006
"Outward FDI from and Intraregional FDI in ASEAN: Trends and Drivers"
by HIRATSUKA Daisuke / Published in November 2006
"Economic Development Capitalizing on Brand Agriculture: Turning Development Strategy on Its Head"
by FUJITA Masahisa / Published in November 2006
"Distribution System of China's Industrial Clusters: Case Study of Yiwu China Commodity City"
by DING Ke / Published in October 2006
"Crowding-out and Crowding-in Effects of Government Bonds Market on Private Sector Investment (Japanese Case Study)"
by Dr. Emad M.A. Abdullatif Alani / Published in October 2006
"Expansion of Asparagus Production and Exports in Peru"
by SHIMIZU Tatsuya / Published in August 2006
"The Nature of the State in Afghanistan and Its Relations with Neighboring Countries"
by SUZUKI Hitoshi / Published in August 2006
"An Asian Triangle of Growth and Cluster-to-Cluster Linkages"
by KUCHIKI Akifumi / Published in August 2006
"Integration under 'One Country, Two Systems' - The Case of Mainland China and Hong Kong-"
by TAKEUCHI Takayuki / Published in August 2006
"Bringing Non-governmental Actors into the Policymaking Process: The Case of Local Development Policy in Thailand"
by SHIGETOMI Shinichi / Published in August 2006
"Financial Cooperation in East Asia"
by KUNIMUNE Kozo / Published in August 2006
"Export-Led Growth and Geographic Distribution of the Poultry Meat Industry in Brazil"
by UEKI Yasushi / Published in August 2006
"Myanmar's Economic Relations with China: Can China Support the Myanmar Economy?"
by KUDO Toshihiro / Published in July 2006
"Negative Bubbles and Unpredictability of Financial Markets: The Asian Currency Crisis in 1997"
by KUCHIKI Akifumi / Published in June 2006
"Explaining the Persistence of State-ownership in China"
by IMAI Kenichi / Published in June 2006
"Agricultural Policies and Development of Myanmar's Agricultural Sector: An Overview"
by FUJITA Koichi and OKAMOTO Ikuko / Published in June 2006
"The Garment Industry in Cambodia: Its Role in Poverty Reduction through Export-Oriented Development"
by YAMAGATA Tatsufumi / Published in June 2006
"Is Group Lending A Good Enforcement Scheme for Achieving High Repayment Rates?: Evidence from Field Experiments in Vietnam"
by KONO Hisaki / Published in May 2006
"The Role of Distance in Determining International Transport Costs: Evidence from Philippine Import Data"
by KUWAMORI Hiroshi / Published in April 2006
"Executive Managers in Peru's Family Businesses"
by SHIMIZU Tatsuya / Published in April 2006
"Trade Credits under imperfect Enforcement: A Theory with a Test on Chinese Experience"
by YANAGAWA Noriyuki, ITO Seiro and WATANABE Mariko / Published in June 2006
"Indian Patent Policy and Public Health: Implications from the Japanese Experience"
by AOKI Reiko, KUBO Kensuke and YAMANE Hiroko / Published in March 2006
"The Degree of Competition in the Thai Banking Industry before and after the East Asian Crisis"
by KUBO Koji / Published in March 2006
"Australia's Foreign Economic Policy: a ‘State-Society Coalition' Approach and a Historical Overview"
by OKAMOTO Jiro / Published in March 2006
"Integration versus Outsourcing in Stable Industry Equilibrium with Communication Networks"
by OKAMOTO Yusuke / Published in March 2006
"Winner-Take-All Contention of Innovation under Globalization: A Simulation Analysis and East Asia's Empirics"
by ISHIDO Hikari and OKAMOTO Yusuke / Published in March 2006
"Business Cycles of Non-mono-cultural Developing Economies: The Case of ASEAN Countries"
by KODAMA Masahiro / Published in March 2006
"Migration and Wellbeing at the Lower Echelons of the Economy: A Study of Delhi Slums"
by Arup Mitra and TSUJITA Yuko / Published in March 2006
"Interindustrial Structure in the Asia-Pacific Region: Growth and Integration, by Using 2000 AIO Table"
by MENG Bo, SATO Hajime, NAKAMURA Jun, OKAMOTO Nobuhiro, KUWAMORI Hiroshi and INOMATA Satoshi / Published in March 2006
"The Study of International Cultural Relations of Postwar Japan"
by AOKI-OKABE Maki, KAWAMURA Yoko and MAKITA Toichi / Published in February 2006
"Agglomeration Economies in Japan: Technical Efficiency, Growth and Unemployment"
by Arup Mitra and SATO Hajime / Published in February 2006
"Organizational Capability of Local Societies in Rural Development: A Comparative Study of Microfinance Organizations in Thailand and the Philippines"
by SHIGETOMI Shinichi / Published in February 2006
"Retrospective Voting in Turkey: Macro and Micro Perspectives"
by HAZAMA Yasushi / Published in January 2006